Bondi - Tamarama walk

  • Distance: 1.2 km Bondi Icebergs to Tamarama
  • Time: 25 minutes + stops
  • Difficulty: Medium. Steep stairs
Bondi to Tamarama map
Bondi to Tamarama map sattelite view

The Bondi to Coogee walk begins at the bottom of Notts Avenue, near the Icebergs pool, South Bondi. The Bondi to Coogee walk can also be accessed by stairs via Marks park above the walk.

Bondi to Coogee walk starting point
Bondi Icebergs view

From Notts Avenue the path leads to a waterfront walking track along rock overhangs. This part of the walk offers sweeping views of North and South Bondi. Look out for an Aboriginal rock engraving of a shark or whale next to the walk to the left below Marks park.

Bondi waterfront walking track

The path sweeps around a small bay called Mackenzies to climb around to the headland near the Tamarama SLSC clubhouse. The Bondi to Tamarama walk hosts the annual Sculpture by the Sea outdoor exhibition with over a hundred artworks displayed along the coast.

Mackenzies view


  • Bondi Beach, swimming, surfing, eat and drink
  • Icebergs swimming pool
  • Hunter Park where sculptures from previous additions of the annual Sculpture by the Sea are on display
  • Marks Park with spectacular views of Bondi Beach and the coastline to the south. The park is the base for the Sculpture by the Sea exhibition
  • Aboriginal rock engraving
  • McKenzies, a rocky outcrop popular with surfers. It is also the smallest beach in the state of NSW when it apperas at low tide
  • Tamarama Beach, aka "Glamarama" is a small beach with great surf where the beautiful people hang out