Things to do


Bondi Beach is a great place for a swim, two surf cubs patrol Bondi Beach, the Bondi and North Bondi Surf Club. Change rooms and showers are free at the Bondi Pavilion.


Southern Bondi is reserved for surfers, if you are a novice contact a surf school for a lesson or you can just rent surf boards and body boards, as well as wetsuitsand have a try at surfing.


The Bondi to Coogee coast and beyond is popular with divers with many unique locations to be explored by experienced divers. For dive trips, equipment hire or a dive course contact a dive shop.


A popular rock pool with a restaurant and bar with views of the beach. The pool is named after the members who swim there regularly in the winter.

Eat and Drink

Bondi Beach has many cafes, restaurants, bars and take aways in the streets surrounding the beach. Explore the food scene after the walk, a quick coffee, a fancy cocktail with views in or something to eat.


Shop for luxury labels, cosmetics, activewear, jewellery and much more. Most boutiques are located around Hall and Gould Streets and Campbell Parade opposite the beach.

Skate Park

Skate park One of Sydney’s best skateparks with uninterrupted views of the beach, the Bondi Skatepark is a popular destination for many to show off their skills.


A modern children’s playground with load of features like swings, see saws, and other equipment, located at the stairs in Marks Park above the coastal walk.


Swimming at Tamarama can be hazardous stay between the flags at all times.


Tamarama is a great surfing spot but can only be surfed in the mornings and afternoons. The beach is closed for surfing during patrol hours.

Eat & Drink

The Tamarama Kiosk with a shady deck with views of the beach serves cafe type food, drinks and snacks.


A shaded playground designed for the ultimate fun for the kids located in Tamarama Park behind the beach near the amenities block.


Swim in the ocean or in a salt water Bronte Pool or take the kids to the Bogey Hole a shallow enclosed natural rock pool at the Southern end of he beach.


Bronte Beach is well known for it’s surf, there is a very dangerous rip known as the Bronte Express.

Eat & Drink

The popular Bronte cafe strip with a handful of cafes, restaurants and a Fish and Chips shop is a cosy place to replenish.

Bronte Park

Very popular Bronte Park behind the beach has covered picnic tables and free electric barbecues.

Bronte Playground

A secure shaded playground with an activity theme located in Bronte park. Plenty of fun to be had with tower climbing, balance and slide, hammock, monkey bars, swings and sandpit.

Bronte Train

AKA chidren's railway, a miniature railway takes kids and parents on rides on a circular track on weekends, public holidays and the summer school holidays.


A protected long shallow bay and beach with concrete platforms on both sides of the water and a concrete swimming pool at the southern side.


Clovelly is a popular and safe place to snorkel, nearby Gordon's bay is also suitable for snorkeling and diving along the "underwater nature trail".

Eat & Drink

There are a few cosy cafes and a pub near the bay and in the streets behind the beach serving food and drinks all day.

Barefoot Bowls

Play Barefoot bowls with friends at the Clovelly Bowling club on a cliff top bowling green with great views.

Clovelly Beach Playground

Set amongst trees and shrubs just behind the beach the shady Clovelly Beach playground has various equipment to keep the kids happy.

Outdoor Gym

The Clovelly outdoor gym is one of many work stations along the walk. State of the art outdoor equipment and views of the coast.


Coogee Beach is a safe family beach perfect for swimming with very little surf if any. There are three ocean pools at Coogee: Giles Baths, the women only McIvers Baths and Wiley’s.


The Bronte - Coogee aquatic reserve, Wedding Cake island and Mistral Point are just a few locations worth visiting on your next diving trip.

Eat & Drink

Coogee is a well established foodie destination with cafes, bars and many eateries located in the streets surrounding the beach and on Coogee Bay Road.

Beach Volleyball

If you are a beach volleyball fan head to Coogee Beach. You will find courts set up at the northern end of the beach, the home of the Coogee Beach volleyball association.


Grant Reserve children’s playground with extensive play equipment and very large wooden play structures in shady surrounds with great views of Coogee Bay.

Coogee Parks

Dunningham reserve, Goldstein reserve and Grant reserve have shady grassy rest areas, fantastic views, picnic shelters, free electric barbecues. All parks are located near amenities, shops and public transport.